Father seeks right to marry adopted son

Father seeks right to marry adopted son November 4, 2015

It seems that before gay marriage was legal, in order to form a family union, an older homosexual man would sometimes adopt his young lover.  Now a father is trying to get a court to dissolve the adoption so that he can marry his son.

From Father, Adopted Son Seek Right To Marry Each Other « CBS DC.

If you asked Nino Esposito and his partner five years ago when they thought same-sex marriage would be legal, they’d say the day would never come.

Prior to the Supreme Court’s legalization of same-sex marriage nationwide, many gay couples used adoption laws as a way to gain legal family ties in order to get benefits, as reported by CNN.

This was the case for Esposito, a retired teacher, and his now adopted partner Roland “Drew” Bosee, a former freelance and technical writer. The couple went through with the adoption in 2012 after 40 years of being together.

The couple is now trying to reverse the adoption in order to get married, but a state court judge has rejected that request saying adoption annulments are generally limited to cases of fraud.

“We never thought we’d see the day,” 78-year-old Esposito told CNN regarding the legalization of same-sex marriage.

“[The adoption] gave us the most legitimate thing available to us,” 68-year-old Bosee added.

ACLU says that many couples across the states took advantage of adoption laws as a way to legally become family, but now that same-sex marriage is legal, these same couples seeking marriage licenses are running into trouble.

“We realized we could have a complete union, which is what we want,” Esposito said of their plans for adoption annulment.

Judge Lawrence J. O’Toole, of the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, denied the couple’s request saying that he was “sensitive to the situation” but that they cannot marry “because they are legally father and son.”

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