How to calm a crying baby

How to calm a crying baby December 3, 2015

From How to Instantly Calm a Crying Baby – In The Loop Tips & Advice |

A video posted by pediatrician Dr. Robert Hamilton demonstrating a technique he calls “The Hold,” has taken the Internet by storm. In the video, the father of six, employs some simple steps to immediately calm several wailing babies.

Here are the key points to “The Hold”:

1. Fold the baby’s arms across the chest.

2. Hold the baby’s arms gently and hold their chin with the other hand.

3. Grasp diaper area.

4. Gently rock at a 45-degree angle.

5. Gently shake their bottom back and forth.

Hamilton says “The Hold” works on babies up to two or three months old and to make sure Baby isn’t crying because they are hungry or sick.


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