Gun control by executive order

Gun control by executive order January 6, 2016

President Obama issued a series of executive orders in an attempt to control the possession of firearms.  See the provisions after the jump.

From Obama gun control order: Here are 8 main provisions |

Closes ‘gun-show’ loophole

Require gun dealers, whether they sell in a store, at gun shows or over the internet, to conduct background checks on those wanting to purchase a firearm. The administration is not setting a limit on the number of transactions someone can make before they are considered a “gun dealer” but notes that “even a few transactions” can be enough to require a license and a background check. Failure to obtain a license can result in up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

Close loophole related to trust and corporate purchases

The National Firearms Act restricts sale of weapons such as machine guns and sawed-off shotguns. In recent years, individuals have been able to avoid background checks by purchasing these weapons through trusts, corporations or other legal entities. . . .

State participation

[Calls on states to provide information for the federal database used in background searches.]

Streamline background check system

[Doubles FBI staff working on background checks.]

Lost or stolen guns

[Guns lost or stolen in transit to a firearm dealer must be reported.]

Mental health services

[Spend $500 million on mental health services and report mental impairment information from Social Security to thebackground check system.]

Gun technology

[Increase research into the use of technology for gun safety, such as requiring the right fingerprint before a gun could be fired.]

Increased personnel, other measures

[Hire 200 more Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, ad Firearm agents to enforce gun laws.]

Go to the link for more details.

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