I am now on Facebook!

I am now on Facebook! January 25, 2016

There is this thing called Facebook, and the way it works is. . . .OK, I’m not what you would call an early adopter.  But at the urging of students (you, Thomas Hererra!), Patheos, relatives, and the climate of the age, I now have a Facebook page.

It’s a writer’s page, like those they have for businesses, so it’s public and open for all.  It works not by “friends” but by “likes.”  Please “like” it.  My page will have links to my blog posts, so those who “like” my page will get those links, as will your “friends” and their “friends” and the Cranach nation will grow and grow.

But I’m not just going to post links to my blog.  I will take you inside the vast Cranach empire, talking about blog-related background information, and also talking about my other books, articles, projects, and speaking gigs.  You will also see what I approximately look like, though before I got my current cooler glasses.

As I say in the introductory piece on my Facebook page, I also want to hear from you.  If you come across an interesting article or bit of information, send me the link via Facebook.  Or if you think of a good topic for our discussion, send me your suggestions.  I want to build up the sense of community that we used to have on my blog.  I’ve got some other ideas for what I’d like to do with this page, which I’ll tell you about later.I take back all–or most, or some–of the negative things I’ve said about social media.  The page is under “Gene Edward Veith,” not “Gene Veith,” which is my personal page that someone set up for me without my realizing it and which is completely unpopulated.  That may come later.  But “Gene Edward Veith” is populated!

So see it!  “Like” it!

Gene Edward Veith, writer.

"Says the psycho who giggles about the deaths of people outside your political tribe."

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