Debate post-mortem

Debate post-mortem February 25, 2016

What are your thoughts on the Thursday night Republican debate?  Who won?  Who improved his standing?  Who might have lost support?

Rubio and Cruz were both hitting Trump hard, bringing up lots of questionable things that Trump has done, such as his record of hiring illegal aliens and starting the phony Trump University.  Do you think any of that will phase Trump supporters?

My thoughts after the jump.

I do think Rubio had one of his best debates.  He took on Trump–not to mention Cruz–in a very articulate, informed, and effective way.

Kasich disappointed me.  He came across as a saber-rattling war-monger, wanting to create regime change in North Korea, as if we needed a new front in our military adventures.  He also wants us to get involved in the Ukraine.  His credibility as the kinder and gentler candidate slipped quite a ways with me.

Carson certainly is, as he said, the person who would make the best role model for our children.  But it’s hard to see him as president in this particular moment of our history.

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