Today’s South Carolina primary and Nevada caucus

Today’s South Carolina primary and Nevada caucus February 20, 2016

The presidential race may get a lot clearer after today.  We’ll announce the results when they are available and discuss them here.

NEVADA RESULTS ARE IN:  Hillary Clinton (52.2%; 12 delegates); Bernie Sanders (47.7%; 10 delegates)

Polls are closed in South Carolina, and Trump, as expected, is ahead in the count with 30-something percent.  But so far it is a back-and-forth tussle between Cruz and Rubio for second place.  Stay tuned, and I’ll announce the final totals when they are available.

SOUTH CAROLINA RESULTS:  Donald Trump won, with 32.5% of the vote.  Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are in a virtual tie for second place, with Rubio winning 22.5% and Cruz taking 22.3%.  (Notice, though, that if these numbers stand up, Rubio will win bragging rights as runner-up to Trump.)  Jeb Bush took 7.8%.  John Kasich took 7.6%.  And Ben Carson took 7.2%.

From South Carolina, Nevada Votes to Test Anti-Establishment Mood – Bloomberg Politics:

Donald Trump confronted two top U.S. companies, a popular pope and virtually anyone else in his way as he headed toward his next test in the fight for the Republican presidential nomination.On Saturday, voters in South Carolina will have their say in the Republican presidential contest, while those in Nevada weigh in on the Democratic battle. The outcomes in those two states probably will answer key questions about the contours of the two races, including the strength of the anti-establishment candidates.

Trump and five other Republican candidates face off in South Carolina’s primary, while Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders compete in Nevada caucuses. South Carolina polls close at 7 p.m., while the caucuses start around midday in Nevada.

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