We will soon evolve into “Homo Optimus”

We will soon evolve into “Homo Optimus” February 2, 2016

A futurologist is predicting that we will merge with computers and evolve into a new species:  Homo Optimus.  We will live in the internet, be able to project our consciousness into multiple android identities, and live forever.  This may happen as early as 2050.  I think I am evolving into Homo Pessimus.

From Sarah Griffiths, Futurologist Dr Ian Pearson says technology is causing humans to ‘evolve’ | Daily Mail Online:

If you’re under the age of 40, there is a good chance you will achieve ‘electronic immortality’ during your lifetime.

This is the idea that all of your thoughts and experiences will be uploaded and stored online for future generations.

That’s according to a futurologist who not only believes technology will let humans merge with computers, that this will create an entirely new species called Homo optimus.

And, he claims this could occur as soon as 2050.

The predictions were made by Dr Ian Pearson as part of the lead up to The Big Bang Fair 2016.

He believes that within the next 35 years, humans will ‘live’ online, and our pets could even ‘talk’ to us, like real-life Furbies.

He also claims transhumanism – the idea we can make people technologically better – will be the norm by 2050.

‘With optimised genomes and bodies enhanced by links to external technology, people could be more beautiful…more intelligent, more emotionally sophisticated, more physically able, more socially connected, generally healthier and happier all round.’

As humans embrace technological advances and gradually become androids, we could gradually see Homo sapiens being replaced by Homo optimus. . . .

‘This could give rise to some weird and wonderful future forms and creations – from changing video displays on our faces to controlling our own dreams – our (evolving) imaginations are the only limit.’

Dr Pearson believes that with a full link between the human brain and a computer, people could move their mind into an improved android body.

‘This would allow people to have multiple expistences and identities, or to carry on living long after their biological death,’ he wrote in the ‘Future Human Report.’

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But what happens when your browser crashes?

This is laughable, of course, but notice how it is an extrapolation of current themes in contemporary thought:  the rejection of nature; repudiation of reproduction (while presumably still wanting sex); the minimization of the body (with personal identity being completely separate); technological utopianism.

What all of this amounts to is a new technological religion.  It even promises immortality!

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