World Table update

World Table update February 11, 2016

A new version of our commenting system, which we are testing for Patheos, has been installed.  Details after the jump.  Note the additions soon to come.

From World Table:

Version 0.9.8
10 February, 2016

  • NOTIFICATIONS! Users can subscribe for notifications for new blog posts on a particular site, and for new comments on a particular blog post.
  • We’ve added an option for authors to auto-subscribe to comments on a post they write
  • We’ve added email notification digests for subscriptions and replies (options: Daily / Weekly / Never)
  • and, a Recent and top comments widget for blog sidebar (for bloggers home page)
  • Users are now able to rate negatively only in proportion to their overall World Table score. (i.e., users must build credibility before they can rate negatively)
  • Rating only events (ratings without a comment), are now collapsed by default to take up less space in the thread
  • New comments are given an initial score based on the author’s overall score (this will prevent comments from being hidden too easily and facilitate sorting by top comments)

We are constantly working to improve the system and add new features. With our next release, we will be improving the comment thread by making it chronological and by limiting the number of indents in the thread. Also, we will be working to add the ability to sort the thread by top and most recent comments. We are also working on a notifications page in the profile where users can see their activity and notifications in real-time from within the comment system, without relying on email notifications.

We’ve also added a helpful guide to our website about using The World Table here. And, our support page includes all kinds of useful information about releases, known issues and FAQs.

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