More lists of Lutheran writers

More lists of Lutheran writers March 21, 2016

At her writers’ blog Meet, Write, and Salutary, my daughter Mary Moerbe wants to compile lists of other kinds of Lutheran writers, in addition to that list of fiction authors that I blogged about.

She also is looking for people who can proof-read and edit manuscripts.

From Mary Moerbe, Expanding Authors – Meet, Write, and Salutary:

I’m increasingly taken by the thought of expanding authors included on my page of living Lutheran authors. We started with novelists and now I’m collecting poets/hymnists to post in time for National Poetry Month. Still, I wonder what other lists we could create. I don’t mean to interfere with denominational marketing—I’d still primarily be looking for stuff otherwise under the Lutheran radar, but what do you think?

Would lists get too long if we included children’s books? Journalists? Historians?

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