Tonight’s Republican debate

Tonight’s Republican debate March 10, 2016

The Republican presidential candidates will debate tonight on CNN at 8:30 p.m. ET.  The event will be held in Florida, whose primary on March 15 may be decisive.

On that day Florida will hold a winner-take-all contest for its whopping 99 delegates.  On the same day Ohio will give the winner all of its 66 delegates.  If Marco Rubio cannot carry his home state, and if John Kasich cannot carry his home state, they are finished.  If Donald Trump carries both of them, he may be impossible to stop.

So at stake in tonight’s debate:  Can Cruz solidify his stature as the only alternative to Trump?  Or can Rubio make a run?

Here is the delegate count so far:  Trump, 458; Cruz, 359; Rubio, 151; Kasich, 54.

Among the Democrats:  Clinton, 1251 (760 from voters; 421 from super-delegates); Sanders 571 (546 from voters, 25 from super-delegates).

I can’t liveblog about the debates–I’m in Denmark!–but feel free to comment on the action, but during and afterwards.

From How to Watch and Live-Stream Thursday’s Republican Debate in Miami:

On Thursday night in Miami, the four remaining Republican presidential candidates will meet on stage ahead of the crucial March 15 primary in Florida.

Who Will Host and Where?

CNN, The Washington Times and Salem Media Group will co-host the party’s 12th debate at the University of Miami.

When, Who and How?

The event will begin at 8:30 p.m. ET and include Donald Trump, Ted Cruz,Marco Rubio and John Kasich. Real estate mogul Trump will be fresh off of his three wins in Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii on Tuesday night, and Texas Senator Cruz from his victory in Idaho.

The forum will broadcast live on CNN and stream online at, without requiring users to login. It will simulcast on CNN International and CNN en Español, and Salem Radio Network will serve as the exclusive radio provider. Social media users can follow along using hashtag#GOPDebate.

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