The four tenets of Progressivism

The four tenets of Progressivism April 25, 2016

George Will has discerned four core tenets of progressivism.  See them after the jump.  Where do you see these ideas being manifested in, for example, the Democratic presidential campaigns and in academic speech codes?  Those of you who are progressives, do you agree that this is what you believe?

From  Scientific silencers on the left are trying to shut down climate skepticism – The Washington Post:

Four core tenets of progressivism are: First, history has a destination.

Second, progressives uniquely discern it. (Barack Obama frequently declares things to be on or opposed to “the right side of history.”)

Third, politics should be democratic but peripheral to governance, which is the responsibility of experts scientifically administering the regulatory state.

Fourth, enlightened progressives should enforce limits on speech (witness IRS suppression of conservative advocacy groups) to prevent thinking unhelpful to history’s progressive unfolding.

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