Updating the Constitution?

Updating the Constitution? April 14, 2016

According to a recent poll, 41% of Democrats believe that the Constitution should be “updated.”  The study did not go into details about what they think should be changed.  The Second Amendment, probably.  I wonder what else they would change.  This compares to 28% of the general public and  20% of Republicans.

Do you think this is an eroding of allegiance to our fundamental national law?  Or a prudent openness to revision?  If the latter, what changes do you think are in order?

From Poll: Nearly Half of Dems Think Constitution ‘Should be Updated’ | MRCTV:

Nearly half of Democrats believe the Constitution has not “held up as a basis for our government” and is in need of being “updated.”

A YouGov poll conducted from April 8-12 asked 1,000 American adults their thoughts on the Constitution.

Asked whether they believe the Constitution has “held up well as the basis for our government and laws and is in little need of change” or whether there should be a “new constitutional convention to update the Constitution,” 43 percent of Democrats responded the Constitution “has held up well” while 41 percent responded the “Constitution “should be updated.”

In contrast, 57 percent of all Americans responded the Constitution has “held up well” and doesn’t need to be changed, while only 28 percent responded the Constitution “should be updated.”

The poll found 68 percent of Republicans and 61 percent of Independents believe the Constitution has “held up well.” Only 20 percent of Republicans and 17 percent [of Independents] said the Constitution should be changed.



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