Removing a judge for not following the LGBT agenda?

Removing a judge for not following the LGBT agenda? May 12, 2016

The Wyoming Commission on Judicial Conduct and Ethics is recommending that Judge Ruth Neely be removed from office because she has said that, due to her religious beliefs, she will not preside over gay weddings.

UPDATE:  Judge Neely is a Missouri Synod Lutheran.  Go here for a petition from Wyoming pastors to support her.  (HT:  Mary Moerbe)

So public officials will be removed from office if they do not agree with the LGBT agenda?  If a judge rules against a law favored by gay activists, will that be grounds for removal?  If a legislator or executive opposes gay marriage, will that become grounds for impeachment?

Read Carl R. Trueman on the subject after the jump.

From Judge Dread | Carl R. Trueman | First Things:

We should all reflect on the significance of this case because it has far-reaching legal and cultural implications. Can one not hold public office in the United States now unless one is committed to the latest ideological fad, regardless of whether that fad is actually relevant to one’s work? Could one be a public school teacher—or a teacher of any government accredited school for that matter—unless one subscribes ex animo to whatever the creed of the day happens to be? And where will this end? Given the Unholy Trinity’s* ability to defy democracy and transform our world according to its own tastes, are private persons any safer in the long term than public employees.

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*As you may recall from another post about Carl R. Trueman on the “anti-culture“, the “unholy trinity” consists of the entertainment industry, big business, and the legal establishment.

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