Clinton ad tries to woo Christians with pro-life imagery

Clinton ad tries to woo Christians with pro-life imagery June 13, 2016

Clinton’s SuperPAC is running an ad showing a disabled child, complete with parents talking about seeing her on ultra-sound and saying what a “blessing” she is in their lives.  The point of the ad, though, is not to make a case that you shouldn’t abort disabled infants in the womb, as is the common practice.  It is to attack Donald Trump for allegedly mocking the disabled when he made fun of a handicapped reporter.  Someone should ask Clinton if she believes in the pro-life message of her ad.  Also, which she considers worse, to mock the disabled or to abort them.

In the meantime, I suppose Christians should be glad that Clinton is trying to get their votes.  But I doubt that they will sway the ticket as much as Bernie Sanders has.

See the ad after the jump, along with a story about it.

From Sarah McCammon, Why Would the Pro-Clinton SuperPAC Target Conservative Christians?  NPR:

You’d be forgiven for mistaking the beginning of this new ad running in several battleground states for a message from a conservative Christian group.

The television ad, called “Grace,” opens with a white, Midwestern couple recalling the moment they saw an ultrasound image revealing that their daughter would suffer from the disabling condition spina bifida. The camera pans to pictures of the girl — whose name is Grace — as an infant, and later, as a young child in a wheelchair.

In the ad, her mother, Lauren Glaros, describes Grace as “a total blessing in our lives.” Her father, Chris Glaros, says “she brings out the goodness in each person.” In one photo, a cross rests alongside baby Grace’s bassinet.

There’s an emphasis by many conservative, anti-abortion circles on praising parents who choose to carry such pregnancies to term. People with disabilities are mentioned specifically in the mission statement of the National Right to Life, a leading anti-abortion-rights organization, as a group deserving of protection.

But this is not an anti-abortion group touting the virtues of giving life to a disabled child. Instead, it’s an attack on Donald Trump from the Democratic superPAC Priorities USA Action, which is the main outside political group working to bolster Hillary Clinton.

The couple, from Columbus, Ohio, look into the camera and describe their “shock” at Trump’s actions last November, when he curled his arms close to his body and waved them wildly, appearing to mock a disabled reporter.

“When I saw Donald Trump mock a disabled person, I was just shocked,” Lauren Glaros says. “The children at Grace’s school all know never to mock her, and so for an adult to mock someone with a disability is shocking.”

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