Tonight’s great debate

Tonight’s great debate September 26, 2016

Tonight at 9:00 ET, presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will debate each other.  The event will be televised on all major networks.

Right now, the race is pretty much even.  This will be the first time voters will get to see both of the candidates side by side and assess how they measure up.  For all of the policy talk, voters will be especially interested in the intangibles:  Will HIllary manage to come off as likeable?  Will Donald come across as presidential?  What outrageous things will be said and what will be their effect?  An unusually large television audience is projected for the debate.

I’ve been on the road last week, but my plane should get in on time to let me liveblog the debate.  If I’m not here yet, go on without me,  Watch the debate with your laptop on your lap.  I’ll have a post up (different from this one).  Write your reactions, analysis, and witticisms as comments.  I’ll join in when and if I can.

From Daniel Strauss,  Everything you need to know about Trump and Clinton’s first 2016 presidential debate – POLITICO:

When is the first general election presidential debate?

The first general election presidential debate of 2016 will be held at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York on Sept. 26.

What time is the debate and how long is it?

The debate will start at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time and run for 90 minutes without commercial breaks.

How can I watch the debate?

It will be broadcast on all of the major television networks, as well as the websites for major cable news channels and C-SPAN.

Who will participate in the debate?

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and celebrity real estate mogul Donald Trump. No other candidates qualified.

Who will moderate the debate?

Lester Holt, who anchors “NBC Nightly News,” will be the moderator. It’s his second time serving in that role in the 2016 presidential cycle. Holt was also a moderator for the Democratic primary debate on January 17. On February 15, 2015 Holt became the substitute anchor of NBC Nightly News after Brian Williams was suspended. Four months later he became the permanent anchor.

What is the format of the debate?

The debate will be divided into six segments of 15 minutes each. Each segment will start with a question from Holt, after which each candidates will have two minutes for an initial response and then will be allowed to respond to each other. On Monday, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced the tentative topics for the debate: “America’s direction,” “achieving prosperity,” and “securing America.” The topics are subject to change based on news developments, according to the commission.

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