A rigged election?

A rigged election? October 18, 2016

Donald Trump is re-emphasizing his claim that if he doesn’t get elected, that’s because the election is rigged.  Now 41% of voters are saying that this could happen.  Critics are saying that casting those kinds of doubts undermines the social compact that gives Democracy its legitimacy.

Most people seem to believe that the “establishment” will steal the election from Trump.  But what if Trump’s Russian friends hack into the computerized voting machines and rig the election in his favor?

From Poll: 41 percent of voters say election could be ‘stolen’ from Trump – POLITICO:

The American electorate has turned deeply skeptical about the integrity of the nation’s election apparatus, with 41 percent of voters saying November’s election could be “stolen” from Donald Trump due to widespread voter fraud.
The new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll — conducted among 1,999 registered voters Oct. 13 through Oct. 15 — shows that Trump’s repeated warnings about a “rigged” election are having effect: 73 percent of Republicans think the election could be swiped from him. Just 17 percent of Democrats agree with the prospect of massive fraud at the ballot box.
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The public sentiment is beginning to reflect Trump’s campaign message. Over the last week, the GOP nominee has intensified his criticism of the U.S. electoral system, much to the chagrin of elected Republicans, who think it threatens the peaceful transfer of power. Trump calls the process rigged, and has said the media is colluding with Hillary Clinton to throw the presidential race in her favor.

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