Final presidential debate tonight

Final presidential debate tonight October 19, 2016

Tonight Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton face off in the last debate before the election.  Since the last debate things have gotten even sleazier and the charges on both sides have gotten even wilder.  So there should be plenty of fireworks.

Any projections or predictions?

Let’s liveblog the debate tonight.  Fire up your computer at 9:00 pm ET and we’ll meet at this blog.  I’ll provide my own color commentary, but I also invite you to join in.

From Final presidential debate: Fast facts, how to watch, what to expect –

MODERATOR: Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, who served as one of three Fox News moderators during a Jan. 28 Republican primary debate. Prior to joining Fox News, Wallace was chief White House correspondent for NBC News, after which Wallace worked at ABC News for 14 years as senior correspondent for Primetime Thursday and a substitute host for Nightline.

DEBATE TOPICS: Wallace has chosen the following debate topics: debt and entitlements, immigration, economy, Supreme Court, foreign hot spots and fitness to be president

WHEN: 9-10:30 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016

WHERE: Thomas & Mack Center arena, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

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