Planned Parenthood’s political army

Planned Parenthood’s political army October 11, 2016

Planned Parenthood has launched a massive political initiative designed to elect politicans who are pro-abortion, will support its abortion business, and will preserve its half a billion dollars in taxpayer funding.  Plans include a super PAC, 800 paid staffers (more than Hillary Clinton has), and 3,500 paid volunteers who will be knocking on doors.

Students for Life president Kristan Hawkins tells all about it, beginning after the jump.

From Kristan Hawkins, Planned Parenthood’s massive army is terrifying. But don’t give up hope. |

Rolling Stone, wrote a fawning story about Planned Parenthood’s $30 million effort this election cycle to make sure that women aren’t deprived of their Supreme Court-given right to access abortion. It was revealed that Planned Parenthood Votes, a super PAC, along with Planned Parenthood Action Fund, a 501c4 that can do campaign work, are ramping up their door-knocking work in eight swing states and will have 800 paid staffers (more than the Hillary Clinton campaign) and 3,500 volunteers.

The unpleasant sound of those stomping feet traipsing across suburban neighborhoods in their pink shirts can already be heard.

Planned Parenthood is a supposed non-profit organization yet receives over half a billion dollars a year from taxpayers. They also provide around 30 percent of the abortions committed in the nation, which equals about 897 per day. Because of our government subsidies, this non-profit rakes in over a billion dollars in profit each year.

Planned Parenthood’s affiliated c4 organization then goes and buys politicians who will do their bidding in Congress, voting for more money for Planned Parenthood, no medical or safety standards for the abortion facilities, and no bans on abortion at any point or for any reason.

Then the massive, paid army goes out and knocks on three million doors, not only trying to persuade voters to cast ballots for their candidates, but also to talk about how wonderful Planned Parenthood is and all the good work they do. They kill two birds with one door knock – advertise their business and keep their allies in government.

This incestuous relationship between the non-profit and their election-orientated organizations is corruption at its finest.


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