The “Bill Clinton is worse” fallacy

The “Bill Clinton is worse” fallacy October 21, 2016

Donald Trump responds to videos and testimonies about his treatment of women by saying, “But Bill Clinton is worse!”  He brings together some of Bill’s victims for a press conference and invites them to the debates.  But I don’t see how Bill’s sexual transgressions and his being a sexual predator can be used to discredit Hillary Clinton.

Isn’t the wife of an adulterer one of his victims?  Isn’t Hillary the Wronged Woman?

What do we want her to do?  Divorce him?  I thought we didn’t believe in divorce.

But she “enabled” her husband’s bad behavior by denying it and attacking the women who accused him.  But isn’t this kind of denial a defense mechanism, part of the “Stand by Your Man” syndrome?

I agree that it would be loathsome to have Bill Clinton roaming around the White House as First Gentleman.  I suspect that if he embarrasses Hillary once she is in office, if she gets that far, she will crush him, and we will have the first White House divorce.

But for now, Bill isn’t running for the presidency.  The Wronged Woman is.  So I don’t see the relevance of attacking her for the misdeeds of her husband.

Am I missing something?

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