What to say about the debate?

What to say about the debate? October 10, 2016

It’s being called “the ugliest debate in American history.”  And I missed it! Due to one thing and another, I ended up missing this historical event.

So how was it?  How effectively did Donald Trump deal with that videotape?  How effectively did HIllary Clinton deal with Trump’s videotape and her own leaked e-mails?  What impact do you think this debate will have on the race?

From Second Presidential Debate: Trump’s all-out attack on the Clintons for their sexual past |[London] Daily Mail Online:

The debate night that will be discussed for generations in Political Science classes – and Women’s Studies seminars – launched with a bang on Sunday, with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump squaring off in St. Louis, Missouri.

There was no handshake. Only polite nods at each other. The white-hot stares, straight ahead, came 90 minutes after Trump held a photo-op press event featuring four women with sex-assault accusations from the Clintons’ past.

The first question of the debate was expected to focus on lewd remarks revealed Friday in an 11-year-old audiotape of Trump. But it was milder, asking Clinton about the overall tone of the 2016 campaigns.

The temperature at Washington University in St. Louis dropped. No fireworks. No first blood.

For two minutes.

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