Liveblogging the election

Liveblogging the election November 8, 2016

My custom has long been to stay up until the wee hours watching the election returns.  That will be much easier this year, since I’m in Australia.  Polls will close starting at about mid-morning, here in Oz time, where it will already be Wednesday.  The American election is of enormous interest here–as they say, when America sneezes, Australia catches a cold–so the TV networks are planning comprehensive coverage.  We’ll see what that means, but it looks like I can follow the election through the morning and into the early afternoon.  So we can do a LIVE BLOG!

I’m not saying that I will be commenting minute by minute, but I’ll be coming to this post and using the comments to talk about whatever happens.  Please do the same.  Comment here about election day, the latest developments, the trends you are noting, the surprises, etc.   I’ll be doing that when I can, though I’m sure the news coverage in Australia will not be as full or as informed as what you will be getting.  So please contribute to this.  We can also “reply” to each other, thus discussing information as it comes up.

This has been a strange and unpredictable election year, so we can expect its culmination on Election Day to be similarly strange and unpredictable.  Whatever happens, we can talk about it here.

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