People who got it wrong

People who got it wrong November 9, 2016

Being one of the people who got it wrong by being taken by surprise at Donald Trump’s election, perhaps I can justify, in a small way, the wicked kick I am getting at the reaction of the experts who just cannot get their minds around Trump’s election.  I’ll give you a sampling after the jump.

Catherine Rampel, Farewell, dear Donald Trump: An ode to the media’s frenemy  (a gleeful farewell to Trump on the eve of his certain defeat)

Margaret Sullivan, The media didn’t want to believe Trump could win. So they looked the other way.  (A self-critical reflection of how oblivious she and her fellow journalists were.)

Ed Rogers, The Impossible Has Happened.  (The title says it all.)

Anne Applebaum, Is This the End of the West as We Know It?  (You lose, so that means the end of civilization.  We conservatives know the feeling, but it’s new for liberals.)

Robert Gebelhoff,  Should We Really Trust Voters?  (You lose, so that means democracy doesn’t work.  Again, I know the feeling, but that doesn’t make it valid.)

These are all from the Washington Post.  Have you come across similar wrong predictions and outraged fulminations?

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