Putting together a Trump administration

Putting together a Trump administration November 10, 2016

There is running for office and then there is governing, two distinct tasks requiring two very different skill sets.  So now President-elect Trump has to put together a Cabinet, a team of advisors, a White House staff, and the rest of the Executive Branch.

Trump has promised that he would surround himself with the best and the smartest people who will help him get things done.  So now it remains to be seen who these folks will be.

A big problem is that virtually all of the Republican foreign affairs experts have repudiated Trump during the presidential campaign.  Would Trump hire some of them anyway?  Would they deign to serve in his administration?  True, one might say, these are mostly neo-cons who have kept getting us into wars and other harmful entanglements, so a fresh foreign policy would be better off without them.  But who would have the knowledge base to take their place?

In domestic policy, Trump has picked up some experienced allies–Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee–and he is likely to give roles to them.  And he has a Supreme Court appointment to make.  He has promised to pick someone from the list of 20 conservative jurists that he put together to reassure social conservatives.

After the jump, read some speculation about how the appointments might shape up.

On the plight of the national security and foreign affairs experts.

Here is one list of prospective cabinet members.

On Trump’s transition team.

On Trump’s candidates for the Supreme Court.

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