An online, social media Lenten observance

An online, social media Lenten observance February 28, 2017

Tomorrow is the beginning of Lent, a time for reflection and devotion. Christ Lutheran Church (LCMS) of Topeka, KS, has devised an ingenious online, social media observance, built around specific words for each day of Lent. The idea is to post a picture that captures each word, posting it on FaceBook, tagged with @christlcms, or Instagram, tagged with @christ_lutheran_topeka, and the hashtag #hearingthegospel.  Then people can contemplate all of the pictures that have contributed.

There was a story about this on Religious News Service.  I contacted the pastor, asking if this is just a congregational activity or if I could put it out there on the Cranach blog.  He gave me permission to do so, so spread the word.  More details after the jump.


From Christ Lutheran Church, Topeka, KS:


Lent is an ancient and solemn religious observance during the church year. It begins Ash Wednesday and ends at sunrise Easter Sunday. During Lent Christians prepare for Easter through prayer, repentance of sins, and self-denial or fasting (giving something up). This is to focus us on the cross and the sacrifice Christ made on our behalf.

Many Christians also engage in one of the spiritual disciplines, too. These disciplines include prayer, fasting, reading and mediating on Scripture, worship, chastity, solitude (time alone with God), frugality, daily devotions (individual or family), and silence.

Here at Christ we want to help if you so desire to engage in one or more of these practices. To this end, we have created a Pic-a-Day Project. We have come up with a word for every day in Lent (and also its Sundays). However you perceive each word, share with us and the community with a picture shared to either Facebook or Instagram. No explanation needed for the picture, unless you want to.

Tag us in your Instagram picture with @christ_lutheran_topeka or on Facebook with @christlcms. Be sure to use our Lenten hashtag, too, #hearingthegospel.

Do not worry about being a great photographer. We want to help you be intentional with your walk towards the cross this Lenten season. Feel free to be creative!

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