Now someone in the administration is leaking British secrets

Now someone in the administration is leaking British secrets May 26, 2017


President Trump has been bedeviled by someone in his administration leaking damaging information about him and his staff.  Now someone in his administration is leaking British secrets!  About the Manchester terror attack, no less.

British law enforcement agencies shared photographs of evidence in the terror attack–a bloody backpack, an electronic device, and a piece of shrapnel.  Within hours, the photographs appeared in the New York Times!

The Brits were so angry that they suspended information sharing with the United States because it is no longer secure.  Prime Minister Theresa May went so far as to say that the “special relationship” between the two countries was in jeopardy.

U.S. officials gave assurances and the information sharing was restored.  And President Trump, already on a crusade to stamp out leaks, vowed to find and punish the culprit.

But now the problem of the White House leaking like a sieve is impacting another country and endangering an anti-terrorist investigation!

From Trump vows to ‘get to the bottom’ of Manchester bomb leak | Daily Mail Online:

The New York Times on Wednesday published images of blood-smeared remnants of Salman Abedi’s backpack, along with shrapnel and a battery.

The images were deemed highly sensitive, and were published even as an international manhunt in connection with the bombing continued.

Earlier, the top U.S. diplomat in Britain issued a tough statement of his own. ‘These leaks were reprehensible, deeply distressing,’ said charge d’affaires Lewis Lukens, the New York Times reported. ‘We unequivocally condemn them.’ . . .

A major row has broken out over the leaks, with UK police temporarily stopping sharing intelligence about the terror investigation with our closest ally.

It is understood American law enforcement agencies had the pictures for only a matter of hours before they were leaked to a journalist from the New York Times.

May told reporters the Special Relationship was the ‘deepest defense and security partnership that we have’ and it was ‘built on trust’.

‘Part of that trust is knowing that intelligence can be shared confidently and I will be making clear to President Trump today that intelligence that is shared between law enforcement agencies must remain secure,’ she added.  

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Photograph of Prime Minister Theresa May by ukhomeoffice [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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