Trump’s new director of communications has a liberal background

Trump’s new director of communications has a liberal background July 24, 2017


President Trump appointed Anthony Scaramucci, a Wall Street tycoon, as his new director of communications.  “The Mooch,” as he is called, has no experience in public relations, journalism, or government, but he promises to put a stop to leaks and to do a better job of getting out the president’s message.  Described as a “brash New Yorker,” he is expected to be a forceful advocate for the president who can stand up to a hostile media.

But Scaramucci has a history of supporting liberal causes, including giving money for Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008.  He just deleted a trove of tweets expressing support for gun control, abortion, and other liberal causes.

Now he declares fealty to Donald Trump, whom he called a “hack” in a tweet, insisting that he has changed his politics.

Scaramucci’s appointment led to the resignation of the unfairly-derided Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who vehemently opposed “the Mooch.”  He will be replaced by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, daughter of former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

From Chris Tognoti, Anthony Scaramucci Supported Abortion, Gay Marriage, Gun Control, & Obama, Bustle:

On Friday, Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci was announced as the White House’s new director of communications, a new hire that reportedly spurred the resignation of Press Secretary Sean Spicer. The 53-year-old has no previous experience in government, having previously worked in business and as a host on the Fox Business Network. And, as internet sleuths have noted, some of Scaramucci’s old tweets include anti-Trump and pro-liberal sentiments, a somewhat awkward reality given his new job.

Back in August 2015, while on Fox Business, Scaramucci called his new boss a “hack” and accused him of being a “bully” due to  critical remarks he made about hedge fund managers. Scaramucci actually addressed the matter of some of his anti-Trump rhetoric during his introductory press conference, calling it “one of the biggest mistakes” of his life and attributing it to his political inexperience.

The matter of his old tweets goes even further, however, because they include not just criticisms of Trump, but statements about policy that would probably place him somewhere in the neighborhood of centrist big-money Democrats, or quite liberal Republicans. For instance, he has voiced support for gun control, same-sex marriage, abortion rights, and policies to address climate change.

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Photo of Anthony Scaramucci by Urs Jaudas/World Economic Forum – WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM/ Urs Jaudas, CC BY 3.0,

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