Free Lutheran resources

Free Lutheran resources August 3, 2017


My daughter, Deaconness Mary Moerbe, has collected links to a vast array of free Lutheran resources.  This includes Bible studies, devotions, music, catechism helps, homeschool material, and arts & crafts (including coloring projects and worksheets for kids).  She also includes links to online shops and artists.  She is on the lookout for more, so she welcomes your additions.

She also collects Lutheran authors, including the growing number of writers who are self-publishing online.  Check those out.  And, again, if you know of others or are one yourself, please let her know.

Contact her at her blog, Meet, Write, and Salutary.

From Mary Moerbe, Crafts and Crafted-for-Free: Free Resources! – Meet, Write, & Salutary: Conversation & Community for Lutheran Writers:

Introducing Crafts and Crafted-for-Free! Sometimes you just want to find a short Lutheran Bible study you can use at the last minute. Maybe a devotion. Or, maybe you’re shopping for a Lutheran “Lutherophile.” Want to simply send some business toward a Lutheran? Here you go: an assortment of free resources, typically online, and links to crafts and artwork for sale.

Crafted for free? Yes, people of the church put together resources just to be shared for the benefit of others! Yay!

The design of this page is simple: words are free, but the goodies below aren’t. "</p

Let me know if you hear about additional people/places/things, as we may as well let each other know about them: Lutheran gift shops, Lutheran cottage industry, Lutheran artists/crafters/woodworkers/etc.! Also, of course, shop at denominational publishing houses like Concordia Publishing House! (Steadfast Lutherans now offers Steadfast in the Parish with their own collection listing freebies!)

I will not include people who distribute books, purses, Pampered Chef, etc. but I will include shops that aren’t religiously-themed. If I have mistakenly credited someone as a Lutheran, please forgive me.

Free Lutheran Resources/The Crafted-for-Free

Bible Studies


  • Mercy in Action: Essays on Mercy, Human Care and Disaster Response (Request from disaster at
  • The Mercy of God in the Cross of Christ (Request from disaster at
  • Christian Charity in the Ancient Church (Request from disaster at

Coloring &/or Drawing Pages, Cards or Worship Notes

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Illustration by psulzle, Luther Seal, Pixabay, CC0, Public Domain

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