Waiting for Babies to Choose Their Gender for Themselves

Waiting for Babies to Choose Their Gender for Themselves July 26, 2018

Some parents refuse to take their children to church so that they can choose their own religious identity when they get older.  That misguided approach to a child’s spiritual being is now being carried over to a child’s physical being.

Such “gender-neutral” parenting means “gender-neutral” babies.  The infant is never called either a “boy” or a “girl.”  Instead of using pronouns such as “he” or “she,” the baby is referred to with gender-neutral pronouns, such as “they,” “them,” “their,” and “it.”  In fact, babies raised like this are being called “theybies.”

Not only are family, friends, and outsiders never told the child’s sex.  That information is withheld even from the child.

From Emily Zanotti, ‘THEYBIES:’ New Trend Has Parents Raising ‘Gender-Neutral’ Kids:

According to NBC News, there’s a new trend in Millennial parenting: raising “they-bies,” or children who aren’t identified with either gender until they are old enough to “choose” their gender for themselves.

The idea is to shield children from “harmful” “gender stereotypes” that hardwire them to be either super-feminine or toxically male. They-bies are encouraged to dress how they feel, play with gender-neutral toys, and ask to be referred to with gender-neutral pronouns like, “they,” “them,” “their,” and “it.”

It’s still pretty rare, NBC News claims; only around 220 families — mostly upper-class, white, and progressive — are so committed to raising their children “gender neutral” that they’ve joined a Facebook support group. But the ones who are committed are really committed.

“Is Zyler a boy or a girl? How about Kadyn? That’s a question their parents, Nate and Julia Sharpe, say only the twins can decide. The Cambridge, Mass., couple represent a small group of parents raising ‘theybies’ — children being brought up without gender designation from birth,” NBC News reports.

The answer is clear: Zyler and Kadyn, who are twins, each have a biological gender, but that gender is kept secret from friends and relatives, and even from the kids themselves (though potty training seems like it might require an in-depth conversation). The theory is that the less they-bies know about their gender, the less likely they are to be “pigeon-holed” into a gender binary.

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Notice too the strange understanding of “choice.”  Apparently, an authentic decision must be based on no information whatsoever.  A choice to be free must be made in a complete vacuum.  One would think that the child’s choice of gender, even if we think in these terms, might legitimately be influenced by the structure of “their” body.  This is the same mentality seen in the “pro-choice” defenders of abortion, who do not want the mother to be influenced by any information about the state or appearance of her unborn baby.

At any rate, what we are seeing with the ideology of transgenderism takes postmodernist constructivism to another level.  Not only do we construct our own ideas, our own morality, and our own truth by our choices.  Our bodies, our own physical existence, are mental constructions, functions of the will.


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