DISCUSS: How Was Your Education?

DISCUSS: How Was Your Education? September 2, 2022

As we move to back-to-school days, we’ve been blogging about the woe’s of today’s education system, which raises a good discussion topic for this weekend:  How was your education?

You Cranach subscribers are a literate and knowledgable group, representing a whole range of ages and backgrounds.  Some of you went to public schools (like me), while others went to parochial schools or homeschools.

How much of what you know and can do today came from schooling and how much came from educating yourself?

In light of yesterday’s post, were you taught to read using phonics or whole language?  How did that work out for you?

We’ve been focusing on primary education, but I’d be interested also in hearing about the value of your higher education, if that was part of your experience.  It may have given you a credential for your profession, but did it prepare you adequately, or have you mainly had to learn on the job?

Did your liberal arts requirements make you a more well-rounded human being, as they are usually advertised?  Or not?

Was your college experience worth all of your student loans?  (Sorry if that’s a sensitive subject, if you paid them off.)

So discuss:  How would you assess your education?

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