DISCUSSION: Book Reviews

DISCUSSION: Book Reviews March 3, 2023

I’ve been reviewing books lately, as in yesterday’s post.  When I get an assignment to review a book, that generally puts me on to a title that I wouldn’t have read otherwise, often to my great benefit.

I also like to read reviews, as today’s post shows.  OK, OK, I sometimes use that exercise to learn about what books have to say without having to read them myself.  As in “the reviewer reads books so I don’t have to.”  But I learn a lot from that.  But, best of all, I am often alerted to books that I WANT to read and would not have known existed apart from the review.

So, now that I’m in a book review mode, I would like for this weekend’s discussion topic to answer the question, “Read any good books lately?”  If so, briefly say what the book is about and offer your thoughts about it (your reactions, evaluations, analyses, disagreements, etc.) .  Book reviews usually include those two elements.

If you post about a book, it may be that others will have read it also.  They can “reply” to your comment and we can get different threads going about the various titles.

Meanwhile, even those of us who do not post can read the reviews and the discussions, gaining the benefits thereof.

I welcome your thoughts about books in any genre on any subject.

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