Monday Miscellany 3/13/23

Monday Miscellany 3/13/23 March 13, 2023

Forbidden words, the charge that the gospel promotes violence, the cultural conservatism of Native Americans, more authors–including a living one who objects–get re-written, plus the most devastating of movie reviews.

List of Forbidden Words.

You can no longer say “addicted” (“trivializes the experiences of people who deal with substance abuse issues), “blind study” (“unintentionally perpetuates that disability is somehow abnormal or negative”), “committed suicide” (“ableist language that trivializes the experiences of people living with mental health conditions”), or 10 pages of other common words and idioms, as decreed by Stanford University.

As a service to you, my subscribers, to help you avoid the charge of bigotry, I am giving you the link to the complete list.  Go here for a discussion decrying lists like these.

Christianity promotes violence!

“Thus, when PRRI [Public Religion Research Institute] shows white Christian nationalists have a bent toward patriarchal gender roles, the problem is a theology that includes structural violence against the dignity of those at the bottom of the hierarchy. At its core, evangelicalism believes everything is made right through violence. Even God makes things right through the violence of the Cross and the satisfaction of God’s wrath, they teach.”  Rick Pidcock, at Baptist News (!) [my emphasis and exclamation mark]

Who Still Disapproves of Same-Sex Marriage

“Tribal lands are some of the last places in America where same-sex marriage is still illegal: Obergefell, which unilaterally changed the definition of marriage in the rest of the country, doesn’t apply to tribal jurisdictions. And most of those jurisdictions have seen fit to carry on with the same old marriage laws that most Americans lived under prior to the past few decades. ‘There are more than 550 tribes in the U.S,’ Chynna Lockett of South Dakota Public Broadcasting told NPR in 2019. ‘And while hard data is difficult to find, only a handful have legalized same-sex marriage.’”

“In 2018, a Navajo LGBT activist recounted to High Country News that ‘a recent president of the Navajo Nation told him gay and lesbian couples should leave the reservation because he thought marriage equality was a “white man’s way of thinking.”’”  [note the rare quote within a quote within a quote]

More Books Undergoing Woke Rewrites

We blogged about the rewrites of Roald Dahl to make his edgy children’s book less edgy in accord with woke sensibilities.  The same treatment is being inflicted on Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels.  At least Dahl and Fleming are dead, if rolling over in their graves, and their estates are agreeing to these changes to maximize sales.  But now we have a new frontier of expurgation.  R. L. Stine, a living author, says that books in his Goosebump series have been rewritten without his knowledge or permission!  I would think this violates his intellectual property rights!

Review of “the Dumbest Movie Ever Made”

You have GOT to read Anthony Sacramone’s review of a documentary called Creating Christ, which tries to make the case that Christianity was a Roman invention, a plot by the Emperor Vespasian to pacify the Jews, complete with a secret agent named Paul.  You will never find a movie review so devastating.  Or so funny.




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