DISCUSSION: Is a Sense of Change in the Air?

DISCUSSION: Is a Sense of Change in the Air? November 24, 2023

Bari Weiss and Oliver Wiseman have the feeling that a change is in the air.

They explain what they mean in their article for The Free Press entitled A Political Reawakening? with the deck, “A mass emergence from the woke slumber.”  They are thinking specifically of all of their liberal and progressive friends who are shaking off the woke ideology due to the Hamas attack on Israel.  They are now buying guns, complaining about immigration, and watching Fox News.

How about other changes, good or bad?  Is the transgender spell dissipating?  Are the secularists becoming more open to Christianity?  Do you have the sense that Christians are giving up their pro-life politics?  Or that the United States is fading in its world leadership?  Or that technology has jumped the shark?

Or what?


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