“Pre-Christian Man” vs. “Post-Christian Man”

“Pre-Christian Man” vs. “Post-Christian Man” March 13, 2024

From Abortion as a French Constitutional Right: A Christian Response:

If a people later retreat from Christendom and place themselves back under the devil as his subjects, they will become something entirely different to what they were before their evangelisation. Prior to its discipleship, a nation possesses prevenient graces in anticipation of the Gospel. Once a nation becomes an apostate—as France did at the dawn of modernity—by so doing it imitates the devil, rejecting the life of grace, and falling not from light into the shadows, but into utter pitch darkness.

He quotes C.S. Lewis , from a letter to Don Giovanni Calabria (1953):

They neglect not only the law of Christ but even the Law of Nature as known by the Pagans. For now they do not blush at adultery, treachery, perjury, theft and other crimes which I will not say Christian Doctors, but the Pagans and the Barbarians have themselves denounced. They err who say ‘the world is turning pagan again.’ Would that it were! The truth is that we are falling into a much worse state. ‘Post-Christian man’ is not the same as ‘pre-Christian man.’ He is as far removed as virgin is from widow: there is nothing in common except want of a spouse: but there is a great difference between a spouse-to-come and a spouse lost.

Morello comments:

Post-Christian man is not the same as pre-Christian man. Pre-Christian man inordinately favoured the flesh and its impulses, whereas post-Christian man sees the body as a problem to be corrected by technology. We want to ‘support’ women, but we’re always coming up against the irritating fact that they have female bodies, so we ‘support’ them by sterilising them and then telling them that mothers are weak and strong women kill their offspring so that they can be useful to wealthy men. The modern age may value ‘freedom’ above anything else, but in many ways, it sees the chief means to achieve freedom to be the tearing of human flesh. Perhaps, then, it is time to abandon our embarrassment about giving to this epoch its proper name: the final reign of Satan.

He notes that the conservative parties of France also voted to enshrine abortion in the French constitution.  Other “right-wing” movements in Europe would agree.  He says nothing about American conservatives, but many of them too are pro-abortion, or support minor restrictions that still result in the murder of the unborn child.

Morello calls for a new political paradigm, and he doesn’t mince words:  “The conservative-liberal, Right-Left divide means almost nothing now. There are those in the Principality of Satan and those in the Kingdom of Christ, and that is now the only division that has satisfactory explanatory power.”


Photo:  Sebastian Morello via YouTube

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