DISCUSSION: Trump’s “Deal” on Abortion

DISCUSSION: Trump’s “Deal” on Abortion April 19, 2024

Donald Trump has been saying that he would work out a “deal” on abortion that would please everybody.  He finally announced his position.  He would just leave it to the states.

After all, that’s what the overturn of Roe v. Wade meant.  States, not the federal government, would decide on the abortion laws in their jurisdiction.  Some states would freely permit abortion, whereas others could ban or severely restrict the procedure.

Pro-lifers would love a national ban.  Some Republican politicians have proposed a compromise, a 15-week limit nationwide–but what would that do?  A human life would still be snuffed out.

Today the political winds seem to be blowing against the pro-life cause, with even conservative Red States voting in referenda to keep abortion legal.  Republican politicians–even firebrands like Kari Lake in Arizona–are afraid of the issue and are backtracking on their earlier pro-life commitments.  That seems to be the case with Donald Trump as well.

What do you think about Trump’s “deal” on abortion?  Is this the best pro-lifers can hope for?  Or is it sacrificing a principle for political gain?  Does this make you think less of Trump, who usually doesn’t worry about what other people think?  Or does this apparent pragmatism over ideology make you feel better about him?

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