Why Evangelical Gender-Egalitarians are Statists

Why Evangelical Gender-Egalitarians are Statists January 21, 2016

An ethic is the inner structure of a polity.

Sacramental Theology and Covenant Theology are largely resistant to the acids of egalitarian ideology.

These theologies draw upon the polity of the traditional household for insight into the polity of salvation. For Sacramental Theology and Covenant Theology meaning is embedded in the nature of things and traditional household polity reflects heavenly realities.

But for the egalitarians nature is as meaningless as Silly Putty and just as subject to the impress of the human will.

Egalitarians, from Rousseau to Marx, have looked to the state to break down natural structures and to liberate, which is to say isolate, people. Ostensibly liberation allows people to define the meaning of their own lives. But what it actually does is strip them bare and leave them exposed to the zeitgeist and machinations of state power.

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  • Daniel Lafave

    My wife and I have defined the roles in our marriage in the spirit of teamwork. I consider this true complementarity rather than the one-size-fits-all idea of the family that goes under the name “complementarianism”. There are certainly natural limitations to those roles, e.g. I am biologically incapable of breastfeeding, but those natural limitations are the exception rather than the rule. This isn’t statist in the least. What would be statist would be a state that imposed one family model on all families regardless of our particular aptitudes and inclinations.

  • Thanks for finally writing about >Why Evangelical Gender-Egalitarians are Statists <Loved it!