Broken Homes, Scientology, Fatherhood, and Writing! (The Chris Craft Show)

Broken Homes, Scientology, Fatherhood, and Writing! (The Chris Craft Show) December 7, 2017


What do all these things have in common: broken home, Scientology, fatherhood, and writing?

Answer: I’ve experienced them all.

51lMIsSpTWL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_I was interviewed last week by a new friend for his podcast. The podcast is called The Chris Craft Show and it is hosted by, you guessed it, Chris Craft.

Chris has a number of things going on and this podcast is a new venture. I encourage you to give it a listen.

I enjoyed the conversation very much. Hopefully you will, too. While long-time readers of this blog will recognize familiar themes, there may be a couple of things that could be news. For example, the fact that for a portion of my childhood I grew up in Scientology. Another bit of news perhaps is that I spent time in a foster home.

The conversation is wide ranging and these bits of my biography are just starting points for some pretty significant things.

Chris and I talk about my books, of course, (as implied in the title of this post), and the discussion of fatherhood gets into a few topics I don’t generally write about here at Patheos.

So, without further delay, here’s the link to the podcast. (Please subscribe to Chris’s show, I’m sure he’d appreciate it, and you’ll get a lot out of it, I’m sure.)

Just one correction. In the interview I say Karen Black was in the 1989 film, Look Who’s Talking. I should have said Kirstie Alley.


Interested in learning more about my book, Man of the House? Wipf and Stock, the publisher of Man of the House, has given me permission to share a little sample of the book with you. The hope, of course, is you will like it enough to purchase a copy. Enjoy!.

Click here to download the book excerpt as a PDF: Man of the House_Excerpt

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