How I Work: Anthony S. Layne

How I Work: Anthony S. Layne April 1, 2015

Over at Outside the Asylum, Anthony Lane takes on the How I Work challenge:

What has changed over the years since you started and what do you do differently?

Oh, my, what hasn’t? I keep thinking of the song from The Mikado, “As some day it may happen”, in which Ko-Ko tells us that, among the people he could execute that would never be missed is “the idiot who praises, with enthusiastic tone, All centuries but this, and every country but his own.” We could criticize the debilitating effects that our growing dependence on electronic gadgetry have on social interactions, just as we can look at any number of technological developments and see their glass-half-empty aspects. But with all challenges, all dangers, there also comes opportunity; this is actually a time of chairos, pregnant with grace.

One thing I’m particularly grateful for is that the blog arose just as I was beginning my reversion to Catholic orthodoxy; it’s so much better than writing a letter to the editor of a newspaper! Blogging has allowed me to make some small contribution to the propagation and spread of the Faith, as well as weigh in on many questions of our time and participate more fully in the public square. So even with the dangers looming on the horizon and the fears I have for the future, I’m glad to be alive here and now.

As they say, Read the Whole Thing, and add him to your regular reading rotation.


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