Let’s Be Clear: Kim Davis is Pharaoh, Not Moses; Nebuchadnezzar, Not Daniel.

Let’s Be Clear: Kim Davis is Pharaoh, Not Moses; Nebuchadnezzar, Not Daniel. September 8, 2015

My gag reflex caused me to puke in my mouth a little today as I watched the “surreal world” coronation of the latest victim of the Christian Persecution Complex. Hundreds of emotional and teary-eyed Christians gathered in front of the Carter County Detention Center, to support the ostensible victim of religious persecution, Kim Davis.

Completely deluded by the reassurance of their political-religious beliefs, these Christians believed they were championing Kim Davis as a modern-day Moses. They were, instead, championing Pharaoh. They cheered on Nebuchadnezzar as though he had been one of Daniel’s friends who were thrown into the fiery furnace. They lavished the oppressor with the adoration due the oppressed.

Every person championing Davis is either keenly aware of or oblivious to the fact that they are essentially asking an agent of the state to withhold secular rights associated with the license granted by a secular government to consenting adults who wish to spend their lives together. Kim Davis is an agent of the state preventing citizens from obtaining what is due them under the laws of the state. Kim doesn’t have to agree with the law. She can have a religious objection. But the very nature of her objection infringes on the rights of other citizens. None one has this right.

This would-be champion of all the “devout” Christians who showed up at the Carter County Detention Center is Goliath, not David. Kim Davis is the barrier to be overcome. Kim Davis is the person violating the freedoms of Americans by forcing them to acquiesce to a belief system by which they cannot be forced to abide. Kim Davis is standing in their way to assert her “religious freedom” to discriminate. And she is being lauded as the hero. Kim is not the hero of the story; she is the villain.

My fear is that the people who are championing her behavior very clearly understand what role Kim is playing in this narrative. I believe they understand that Kim is, in fact, using the power of her political office to discriminate against people with whom they have a religious objection. They understand this, and they don’t care. They want to be able to use the power of the state to enforce their faith on those who do not voluntarily wish to comply. Notwithstanding that, this inevitably leads to the type of persecution against which the founders placed Constitutional safeguards. But something tells me they don’t care so long as they are the only one’s allowed to use the power of the state in this manner.

Sadly, this means that, in this story, Christians are Pharaoh, not Moses; Nebuchadnezzar, not Daniel.

That taste in your mouth is vomit.

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