June 8, 2015

tl:dr Chicago pastor makes the news for asking his congregation to “get to know” Republicans. Suggests that Democrats are responsible for the current socio-economic conditions of African Americans. Conservatives still question why socially conservative Black Americans would vote with the socially liberal Democratic Party. Blacks are not monolithic, yet vote in a cohesive bloc against Conservatism. Many critiques of the Democratic Party by African Americans are based on their belief that Democrats are not progressive enough. While Black Americans are socially... Read more

June 7, 2015

This article was originally written on Easter Sunday morning of 2015. On this weekend, the death of Christ fell on the same weekend as the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. I wanted to share this blog with the Patheos Progressive Christian audience because it details my firm belief that Christ was a revolutionary who challenged the religious, political and economic power structure of his day. This article doesn’t compare Dr. King to Christ. What it does is compare the ideologies... Read more

June 5, 2015

When did homosexuality become the number one enemy of the church? Sure, the Bible says it is a sin: an abomination even. But the amount of hatred and bigotry that foments to the surface of the Christian church in regards to gay rights is astonishing. I can speak to this first hand. I preached against homosexuality with the same amount of fire-and-brimstone energy as any other preacher. Then one day, I grew up. No other issue brings the church together... Read more

June 1, 2015

I was born in 1980. In the world I was born into, there was never a time when Evangelical Christianity was not symbiotically linked to the Republican Party. This marriage has puzzled me for a long as I could remember. At a very personal and emotional level, I have always known that there was a glaring disconnect between the political, economic, and social agenda of the Republican Party and the Christian faith I had grown into. Thirty-five years later, I have come... Read more

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