October 24, 2015

This week has been difficult as I’ve traveled to South Florida to participate in the rally for my friend, Corey Jones, who was killed by a Palm Beach Gardens Police officer who approached Corey in plain clothes and an unmarked vehicle. At that rally, Corey’s brother asserted that it shouldn’t be about #BlackLivesMatter and that it should be about “All Lives Matter.” As serendipity would have it, President Obama was simultaneously speaking on why #BlackLivesMatter exists and how it uniquely... Read more

October 19, 2015

On Sunday morning, October 19, 2015, an unnamed police officer found my friend Corey Jones broken down on the side of the southbound ramp onto I-95 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. It was approximately 3:15 in the morning when the officer shot and killed Corey. Someone who doesn’t know Corey would instantly wonder, “What was he doing out that late at night?” Those of us who knew Corey didn’t have to wonder. We knew. He was headed back from a... Read more

October 12, 2015

According to his Twitter profile, Theodore Shoebat is a self-proclaimed “Christian Militant” and “Crusader.” In his most recent video, he goes through a thought experiment explaining how we moderate Christians are partly to blame in the problem of our secular society because we are not eradicating the cancer of homosexuality, communism, and Islam from our “collective” Christian body. The calm and calculating demeanor of Mr. Shoebat, coupled with his clear desire to outlaw anything that does not conform to his particular... Read more

October 4, 2015

I’ve grown weary with the incessant need of some Christians to believe they alone are the victims of persecution in the United States. Nothing drives the pulpits on Sunday mornings more than a good narrative of persecution or martyrdom. It is the most desired part of the faith, to some. And to this ilk, persecution is sought underneath every rock, around every corner, and in every tragedy. In the most recent national tragedy at Umpqua Community College, witnesses have corroborated... Read more

October 1, 2015

UPDATE: 9:35 PM The shooter has been identified as 26-year-old Chris Harper Mercer. Officials say that he was not a student. Chris Harper Mercer, the shooter in the Umpqua Community College shooting, allegedly posted his plans on the social media site, 4Chan, the night before the shooting. In the post, the shooter is referred to as “beta” and is egged on by anonymous posters. The final post in the thread gives advice on the best way to maximize the fatalities:... Read more

September 29, 2015

Many readers of my blog comment about my bias against conservatism and think that it is merely a political one. This isn’t true. My most ardent opposition to conservatism is fueled by the idolatry and heresy that has quietly overtaken Evangelical and Conservative Christianity. The faith has been betrayed by the symbiotic relationship between the Republican Party and Evangelical Christianity. There are countless articles that document this. Chapter 12 in my book outlines this in detail. But most recently, the Pope’s... Read more

September 8, 2015

My gag reflex caused me to puke in my mouth a little today as I watched the “surreal world” coronation of the latest victim of the Christian Persecution Complex. Hundreds of emotional and teary-eyed Christians gathered in front of the Carter County Detention Center, to support the ostensible victim of religious persecution, Kim Davis. Completely deluded by the reassurance of their political-religious beliefs, these Christians believed they were championing Kim Davis as a modern-day Moses. They were, instead, championing Pharaoh. They cheered... Read more

August 27, 2015

I would normally be able to ignore the machinations of Ann Coulter. However, we are in a precarious time in American history where she, through Donald Trump,  can easily access the center-stage of the political discourse. And while I would love to pretend I didn’t hear her introduction of Donald Trump, her depraved ability to seamlessly interweave racist, fear-mongering, and acrimonious language between Biblical references compels me to write. In her introduction of Trump, Coulter stated: Since Donald Trump has announced... Read more

August 14, 2015

This photo came across my Facebook page, and it reminded me of everything wrong with modern Christianity. At the most basic level, there are only two types of Christians: those who see this picture and are heartbroken because of the sorrow and pain suffered by thousands and those who see this photo and celebrate because they feel that God was on their side and not their enemy’s. Some of us have bought into a faith that, instead of compassion, revels... Read more

August 11, 2015

By Benjamin Dixon No one is above critique. Democrats have, for the past 50 years, benefited from the unwavering support of African-Americans, but have routinely silenced our voices whenever it was time to address systemic racism and white supremacy. In fact, many progressives reading these first two sentences have recoiled in disgust and are questioning whether they should continue reading. Similarly, in the face of organized and persistent action from Black Lives Matter, many white progressives have devolved into the... Read more

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