Begin a New Life: The Four Steps

Begin a New Life: The Four Steps October 7, 2013

I haven’t been posting many updates as the congregation here in Dawson Creek works through the “Begin a New Life” program, but it’s been a very powerful experience for the people who are following through with it and learning to implement a regular practice of repentance in their lives.  This week we’re talking about the fourth and final step of the “Begin a New Life” process: actually changing the way we live. (There are two weeks left in the program: one to look at a less in-depth form of repentance, and a final wrap-up.) Audio of sermons from every week so far is available from, and all program materials can be found at

Here are the sermons so far:

Week 1: Examining Our Lives

Week 2: Admitting Our Sins

Week 3: Praying to the Lord

Week 4: Beginning a New Life

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