A Potential Collaboration?

A Potential Collaboration? February 2, 2017

I posted an article here listing hopes I had about an upcoming opportunity for Swedenborgian content to be featured on The Dr. Oz Show. As it turns out, the information I posted was not as public or as settled as I’d thought, so I’ve taken that post down. I plan to repost something when the “Faithful Fridays” series on the Dr. Oz Show has finished airing, and I’ll put a link to that post here. I’m still excited to watch the series, the first episode of which airs today and which may contain some New Church content, but I sincerely apologize for jumping the gun in the earlier post. (Also, no one made me write this or told me I had to take the original post down, and I’m free to post my thoughts in the future once things are more settled.) Sorry to anyone who came here looking for the original post – again, I do plan to repost something in the future.

UPDATE: The Swedenborg Foundation just put up a post about their video “You Are the Lungs” that was featured at the end of the show on February 3rd.


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  • A3aan

    Hi Coleman, we watched the show in Toronto and it seemed to say that the next show will present Curtis’ video about the lungs 🙂
    Just connected to this site and will see what happens..
    Used to be a lot on TEDdotcom, but will see what happens.
    Hope you and Ann are doing well and better.