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Interested furthering your spiritual growth? Enjoy this collection of free resources we’ve compiled just for that purpose!

Books and Booklets

Revolution in World Missions

Revolution in World Missions

In this exciting and fast-moving narrative, K.P. Yohannan shares how God brought him from his remote Indian village to become the founder of Gospel for Asia.

No Longer a Slumdog

No Longer a Slumdog

No Longer a Slumdog demonstrates God’s tender mercy at its best! It’s a story of redemption, a celebration of lives transformed from despair to hope.


A Life of Balance

Remember learning how to ride a bike? It was all a matter of balance. The same is true for our lives. Learn how to develop that balance which will keep your life and ministry healthy and honoring to God.


Learning to Pray

Whether you realize it or not, your prayers change things. See for yourself how God constantly does the impossible through prayer!

Audio Messages


A Mighty Minority

God isn’t looking for the best of the best, or those most qualified to get things done, He is looking for the few who will follow Him at any cost. He is looking for the mighty minority.


Authentic Christianity

In his message Authentic Christianity, K.P. Yohannan encourages us to be fully committed to Christ, throwing off all that hinders us.


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Pray for Street Children

Millions of children roam the streets of South Asia each day. The streets of India alone are home to 18 million children who are either orphans, runaways, or discarded by their family. Find out how you can start praying for them today by downloading this free infographic.

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World Water Facts!

You knew water was important, right? Here are some facts from around the world that will help you see the importance of water even more!

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