Momentum is not easy to capture. I am using that word to describe a force that starts to pick up steam and for a while appears to be almost unstoppable. In the religious world I would describe times of authentic revival as extended periods of incredible spiritual momentum. I am aware that some people have negative feelings about the term revival. Consequently, I am attempting to use a different word to describe those occasions when the Kingdom of God is… Read more

One of our Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastors said something both sad and ironic several years ago: “Nobody cares about the children of this village.” While, in his eyes, his statement seemed to be true, the irony is that it was not entirely so. The mere fact that he said it indicated that he cared. In fact, he admitted, “I have a great burden for this village.” The reason he cared is that he knew that Jesus cares. The village… Read more

“Water is life, and clean water is health. “— Audrey Hepburn Clean, pure water. It really is the stuff of life. And it’s such a non-issue in the Western world. When we need a drink, we turn on the tap. But for millions of men, women and children living in places across Asia and Africa, access to clean water is more than just a challenge; for many, it doesn’t exist. Imagine for a moment preparing a simple meal for yourself… Read more

PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa – The world has been watching as Cape Town and other cities in South Africa have been preparing for Day Zero, the day when their public supply of potable water will no longer be available. Amid the preparations, residents are taking mandated precautions to avoid the impending disaster. Many are praying for divine intervention as South Africa endures the longest drought in its history. Circle of Water’s latest update says, “Farmers in South Africa’s Western Cape… Read more

The United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women ratified in December 1993 defines violence against women as “any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual, or mental harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or in private life.” The Scourge of Violence Against Women On February 23, 2018, Gospel for Asia published a Special Report entitled,… Read more

Gospel for Asia (GFA) Report, Wills Point, Texas You know that awkward moment when you’re stopped at a red light, and you can feel the presence right outside your window. You study the road in front of you, trying, unconvincingly, to look casual and nonchalant. Before, when you slowed down for this stop light, you saw the panhandler standing at the corner. You knew you were going to end up idling right next to him. You quickly think to yourself,… Read more

I have the privilege to be part of the team at Gospel for Asia that teaches School of Discipleship (SD) students how to share their faith. But it seems like it was just a little while ago that I was a student in the program going through those classes for the first time. When I was a School of Discipleship student I remember waking up each day and praying, “God, today I will interact with so many people that you… Read more

On Feb. 14, a day that should have been marked by the celebration of love, hundreds of students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, fled the raging bullets of a 19-year-old gunman. For some, the deaths of 17 innocent people—14 of them high school students—on Valentine’s Day will become just another sad news story in the days to come. But for 17 families grieving in South Florida today, it is the end of a story of hope,… Read more

The wedding guests have gathered in great anticipation; the ceremony to be performed today has been long awaited. The orchestra begins to play an anthem, and the choir rises in proper precision. The bridegroom and his attendants gather in front of the chancel. One little saint, her flowered hat bobbing, leans to her companion and whispers, “Isn’t he handsome?” The response is agreement, “My yes. The handsomest.”             One by one, the bridesmaids, heralds of the nuptials, begin to stride… Read more

When I was younger, I promised myself that I would never sit around and bore people about my increasing aches and pains. Now that I am older, I am naturally more empathetic to my age-set’s varying degrees of ills. Not that I make evidence of my own physical decline a subject for conversation, but ailments, aches and pains are part of the way our bodies remind us that there is an eventual life terminus in the offing. Such as this… Read more

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