Wills Point, Texas – GFA (Gospel for Asia) – Discussing where violence against women occurs worldwide, including violence against the girl child. Does life get any better for girls in Asia as they grow older? Let’s take a look. Violence Against Women, Including Young Women Where Geeta lives, domestic violence against women is widespread. The World Bank’s study stated that “more than 60 percent of Indian women reported three or more episodes of physical or psychological violence in their lifetime.”… Read more

Wills Point, Texas – GFA Special Report (Gospel for Asia) – Discussing why women are targets of abuse and discrimination, and why there is violence against the girl child. Written By GFA Staff Writer Michelle Jimenez Geeta, a mother of two, lived in the slums and struggled to put food on the table every day with the meager 20 rupees her husband gave her. That amount equaled less than 50 cents at the time. In the evening, Geeta’s husband would… Read more

Wills Point, Texas – GFA (Gospel for Asia) – Women hold up half the sky, and other mother’s day topics from Karen Mains, Gospel for Asia blog contributor The recent death of Barbara Bush—a consummate mother and grandmother—reminded me of learning plug-ins that can also dramatically shift the future trajectory of others. There have only been two women who have been both the wife of a President of the United States and a mother of a President of the United… Read more

Wills Point, Texas – GFA (Gospel for Asia) – Use Mother’s Day to Honor Remarkable Moms & Educate Needy Girls I have this gnawing intuition that Mother’s Day might be utilized as a day to contribute positively and substantively to the plight of women worldwide. Originally, in fact, Mother’s Day was organized for just such a purpose. Started in 1908 by Anna Jarvis to honor her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, the daughter wanted to continue the work her mother had… Read more

Wills Point, Texas – GFA (Gospel for Asia) – Discussing the Missing Women Quandary on Mother’s Day I have decided that Mother’s Day has the potential to make as many women unhappy as it does to make them feel loved and revered. This realization hit me early in my marriage when I was a young mom with four wonderful, but often neglectful, kids. “The kids haven’t done anything for Mother’s Day!” I would complain to my husband. “You have to… Read more

Wills Point, Texas – GFA (Gospel for Asia) For many around the world, malaria is a feared disease. According to a special report released by Gospel for Asia, there are 91 countries where malaria is a viable threat because of transmission. Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia are the countries most at risk because of high prevalence. Thankfully, there are a few ways to prevent malaria. One of them is simply using mosquito nets, which Gospel for Asia-supported workers give out regularly…. Read more

Gospel for Asia-supported Bridge of Hope centers in Asia provide impoverished children with a daily meal, ongoing after school education, supplies and the hope of a better future, as evidenced by laughter and excitement in their eyes. ===== I stepped through a tunnel of children with flowers now hanging around my neck. I love yellow, and these marigolds felt so cool and soft to the touch. I wondered if they made them. I looked around to see who had yellow… Read more

When a woman in America is pregnant, she has multitudes of resources available to her. Rows of books at libraries, countless blog posts and magazine articles about the best way to prepare for labor and raise a child, many options for how and where she will deliver her baby, dozens of options for prenatal vitamins and various supplements to boost her health and help her baby develop. But that’s not the case for many women in Asia. Many have never… Read more

The sun was riding lower in the sky when Todd stepped into the pen. The horse was branded. She was branded with a mark of someone else—someone who had once owned her. Now she was there in the pen surrounded by a crowd of eager spectators. Everyone expected to witness this wild horse become broken and submit. But it was plain to see after some time that she was already broken. She was hurting and you could see the fear… Read more

Gospel for Asia medical camps in Asia offer free medical care to assist families who are often too poor to pay for their own medical needs, or typically have little hope of ever receiving proper medical care. There is a hospital about 15 miles north of my home. There is another 12 miles west. There is a third just 12 miles south. There are three urgent care facilities within a 6-mile radius. My doctor’s office and three pharmacies are less… Read more

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