Gospel for Asia is in the business of providing answers. Providing answers to questions like: “Does my life have any value?” “Does anyone care about whether I live or die?” “How can I find peace for my restless heart?” To those questions, our workers can say confidently, “Yes, your life has incredible value; God cares so much about you that He sacrificed Himself in order to make a way for you to live with Him for eternity; the longing in… Read more

The world can be a broken place. A place where many are left forgotten or simply shoved aside. This was the world Janvi was born into. Janvi never experienced the love of her birth parents. In fact, it was by their own hands she was left alone to die. But even in the midst of this broken world there is room for redemption. Christ’s compassion never decreases even when the darkness thickens. God’s love does not vanish when earthly love… Read more

Gospel for Asia (GFA), Wills Point, Texas It can be easy to over complicate what it means to serve God. “It means moving to another country.” “It means I have to minister full time.” “It means I have to go to Bible college first.” God certainly uses all those things and asks many people to do them. But those things in themselves aren’t where powerful ministry comes from—it is in obedience to God’s leading that the power rests. We expect… Read more

Is Cleanliness Next to Godliness? That’s a good question. It may not be in Scripture, as many people believe, but it does have an element of truth. John Wesley is generally cited as the originator of the phrase in his sermon, “Cleanliness Is, Indeed, Next to Godliness.” It is certain that he was not the creator of the concept. Similar statements have been recorded in ancient literature. While the Bible may not specifically say that cleanliness is next to godliness,… Read more

There is an amazing report from the field about an 80-year-old man named Naitik who heard about Jesus for the first time through a GFA-supported pastor. The story describes how through prayer and the power of Christ, the lives of this man and his wife were radically and miraculously changed. “Although I had spent my whole life in darkness, now I have found light in Jesus. He is really God,” Naitik said. “I want to live for Him for the… Read more

“So what does Christianity have to do with the defecation problems of the world?” That’s a question posed in Gospel for Asia (GFA) special report “Saving Lives at Risk from Open Defecation: Using Outdoor Toilets to Improve Sanitation.” The report, written by bestselling author and speaker Karen Burton Mains, takes an in-depth—and, at times, personal—view concerning open defecation problems around the world and those specific to Asia. Here’s an excerpt: Talking Openly About Open Defecation Another key dilemma in this discussion—open… Read more

How worried would you be if your children had to walk two hours to and from school every morning and afternoon? Maybe you’d be concerned for their safety and well-being. That’s the case for many mothers and fathers in Asia. Shamita had no other choice but to send her 16-year-old daughter, Sudipti, on foot to a school located more than four miles away from their rural village. Though Shamita herself worked as an uneducated daily wage laborer, she wanted her… Read more

Have you ever felt helpless? Rajasi, widow and mother of two, wanted to provide for her children, but she had no way to earn an income. She was completely dependent on her angered father-in-law for their future. There appeared to be little hope for Rajasi’s dreams for her precious children to come true. But Rajasi was not helpless. She readily used the only tool she had: prayer. Failing Kidneys, the Agony of Loss, and Blame Even though Rajasi was only… Read more

Gospel for Asia (GFA) News, Wills Point, Texas One of the first questions that real estate agents broach upon meeting a potential buyer or seller is “How many bathrooms do you need” or “… do you have,” as the case may be. As commonplace as that may be for most reading this article, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 4.5 billion people “either have no toilet at home or (have) one that doesn’t safely manage excreta.” Think for a… Read more

Gospel for Asia (GFA) News, Wills Point, Texas I never knew worship like what I experienced at GFA’s School of Discipleship (SD). Before coming to SD in 2015, I had a pretty small vision of what worship was. I saw it as only singing and maybe some instruments playing, and it had to be a certain way mainly on Sundays. During my time in SD, I learned a variety of ways to worship with the community at Gospel for Asia…. Read more

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