The Landlord and the Tenant

The Landlord and the Tenant April 8, 2013

Moving is not easy. It’s even more difficult when you’ve left behind a perfectly well-formed life to start afresh. Since moving from an owned house to a rental house, I’m on a constantly watching the kids closely, trying to prevent the house from any damage. I seem to seize every opportunity to remind my kids not to touch the walls with dirty hands or run the truck too hard over the hardwood floors. I ask them to close the cupboard doors gently, walk softly, and be extra mindful and careful of the landlady’s precious property. I just want to be able to return the house in the state we found it, if not better.

I started to think deeper. If my kids are an amanah  (trust) from Allah just like the house is the landlady’s amanah to us, I wonder what  Allah would think of me as His tenant. Would He find cracks in His property from the times I yelled a little too loudly? Or hardened scale, from teary outbursts I didn’t welcome openly? Will there be scratches from little broken hearts because I was too busy to listen to their stories? Once again, it made me take account of all these wonderful blessings I take for granted. By giving me my kids, what has Allah entrusted me with?

HE gave me the most beautiful property a person can lease – rent free

HE let me re-live my childhood memories so vividly

HE provided warmth and comfort in a hug and squeeze

HE asked me to vacuum my faults so my soul was cleaned

HE prompted me to scrub my patience so (hopefully) it will gleam

He encouraged me to wax and polish my social skills

He let me dust away my fears by kissing their tears

He brought me closer to Him by letting me guide and lead

He invested in firm hands that will hold mine when I am elderly

He appointed grievers who will remember me fondly after I’m gone

He made me look after HIS property but really HE was making me look after ME

Aaliyah Mavani

Aaliyah is mother to two budding little scientists, recently relocated from London to New Jersey. She also runs an online directory for moms (

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