In My Ears: The All Pro by Scott Sigler

In My Ears: The All Pro by Scott Sigler December 12, 2011

The All-Pro (Galactic Football League, Volume 3)The All-Pro by Scott Sigler

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Seven centuries into the future, aliens and humans compete for the greatest prize in the universe: the Galaxy Bowl trophy. Quarterback Quentin Barnes enters his third season at the helm of the Ionath Krakens. He’s re-shaped the team in his image, and the time for excuses is over — it’s win, or be replaced. Quentin’s championship quest carries he and his teammates across the galaxy in a brutal twelve-game season fraught with injury and death.But he faces more than just on-field challenges. As he enters a free-agent year, several franchises vie for his services. Will he play for a new team, or will he remain with his beloved Krakens. And then there’s the slight distraction that someone, somewhere, is trying to assassinate him – and he doesn’t know why.

I’ve been enjoying Quentin Barnes’ adventures working his way up to being quarterback for the Krakens as well as learning about the galaxy along with him. If you haven’t listened before, this is a fun YA type story about a young disadvantaged Earth boy whose exceptional quarterback skills bring him into a bigger world. As he grows and matures, we go along for the experience.

Fairly soon after finishing the second book of his Galactic Football League, Scott Sigler has begun narrating book 3 on

Sigler invests every story with enthusiasm and is a wonderful world builder. In fact, he was good enough at explaining football’s transition to a multi-species, galactic venue that I recall hearing Luke Burrage’s enthusiastic review of the first book, The Starter, on his Science Fiction Book Review podcast. For Luke to give a book such a good review is a rarity, so that’s a second endorsement for anyone wondering about trying it out.

All three books (The Starter, The Rookie, and this one) are available free from Podiobooks and, I believe, they are also for sale at Amazon or Sigler’s own site.

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