Catholic Thriller Week Finale: Sons of Cain by Val Bianco

Catholic Thriller Week Finale: Sons of Cain by Val Bianco March 19, 2012

Here’s the book I was reading that made me remember all those Catholic thrillers I highlighted last week. Good, evil, angels, demons, and a new breed of Knight Templar with (naturally) hearts of gold.

Sons of CainSons of Cain by Val Bianco

You’re either going to love this thriller or hate it. It has a definite Catholic orientation (which is a turn-on for me, let’s get that straight right now) and definitely hews to the conservative side of the political spectrum. So there’s that.

Here’s the book description:

An ancient group of twelve unspeakably powerful men are prepared to implement mass suicide in the United States. Already in control of the Congress and the Presidency, all that they lack is the Supreme Court. The only thing standing between these SONS OF CAIN and the lives of the Court is a small group of dedicated warriors. Wealthy ex SEAL, Nick Rieper, and his dozen, Knights of Longinus, may be the most deadly strike force alive. The have pledged their lives, their fortunes and their honor to battle international Satanism. Battle is joined as they engage the Cainites and their demon leader, Namon, in mortal combat. They stand alone as the only force alive with the knowledge, the skill and the faith to prevent a crime that will change America… forever.

Nick Rieper and his merry band of knights (don’t laugh, these guys live as close to the knightly ideal as possible) must stop not only the humans trying to wreak havoc upon the U.S. government, but also deal with their demonic leader. This is slightly complicated by the fact that they must also protect those they care about, including a gorgeous journalist who is just beginning to live a life of faith and a priest who has a checkered past to say the least.

This is told in straight forward fashion with no frills, except for some explanatory sections which were a bit too long and drawn out for my taste. That aside, the book heads straight for an adventure steeped in good versus evil, with angels and demons doing their fair share on the appropriate side.

If you aren’t Catholic then my guess is that you will not like the book because the good guys are steeped in it, can’t shut up about it, don’t mind stopping to press rosary beads into a dying woman’s hand, and are quick to gather in prayer for someone in danger before it’s time to race to the rescue. Did I mention they talk about it? A lot? Now, as I said before, that’s a turn on for me, but your milage may vary. As for the rest, you’ll have to read it. All I’m gonna say is we now have the ultimate conspiracy presented about what’s been keeping America down in recent years.

The author provided my review copy but as several authors know, to their sorrow, if I don’t like it then it don’t matter who gave it to me. And vice versa.

(*My post title? An inside joke for those who have read the book.)

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