Blessing for a Baby

Blessing for a Baby March 1, 2017

563F2CCC-576A-41A3-B4CB-85FA63114EDAI’ve been thinking lately about blessing rites. My daughter is almost four months old, and I feel it’s about time to formally welcome her into the local Pagan and Heathen community. I’ve been struggling with exactly what to say and do; to find the perfect words to bless her with. The final version will be more personalized to her, calling on her ancestors and the wights she’s connected to.

This prayer works as a template where whatever spirits you’d like to call on can be added. After each phrase, pour out a bit of mead or an offering personalized for the spirit you’re calling on.

May Odin bless you with thirst for knowledge and the magic of a wordsmith.
May Tyr bless you with honest hands that work for justice.
May Frigga bless you with a heart that loves against all odds.
May Sif bless you with blooming beauty and safety in the storm.
May Thor bless you with the strength of thunder and the love of laughter.
May Idunna bless you with good health and a long life.
May Freyja bless you with the freedom of flight and the treasure of love.
May Frey bless you with growth unfettered and all good things.
May Njord bless you with peace and plenty all the years of your life.


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