More Perversion Touted as ‘News,’ This Time, ‘Gay Dads Give Birth’

More Perversion Touted as ‘News,’ This Time, ‘Gay Dads Give Birth’ June 9, 2017
Image credit: Facebook/Biff and I
Image credit: Facebook/Biff and I

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, something more outlandish happens defying the boundaries of biology, sanity, and common sense.

The Daily Mirror recently reported on a married couple in Portland, Oregon, touting, “Gay dads are pregnant with their first biological child – this is their incredible story.” The article states that two “gay dads,” Biff Chaplow and Trystan Reese, are expecting their first biological child this summer. CNN, a self-described news organization, also reported on this story as factual. But, it’s only fact-based in fiction.

The truth is that no man is having a child this summer (or ever). And the two people mentioned are neither both men nor gay.

The allegedly gay man, Biff, is married to Trystan, a biological woman who claims she is a man. Because it is biologically impossible for a woman to also be a man, and because Reese wants to appear to be a man, she has been taking the male hormone testosterone to grow facial hair and change the sound of her voice. (Boys experience these biological changes during puberty.)

But because testosterone is a male hormone, and Reese is a woman, she cannot biologically conceive a child while pretending to be a man. To summarize the most basic biological fact about conception: a male sperm and a female egg must come from both a male and female organism of the same species in order to sexually reproduce. A male owl, for example, cannot conceive and hatch baby owls with another male owl. Nor can a male toad reproduce tadpoles with a male walrus. Nor can a birch tree grow from a seed germinated by rose pollen.

Among Homo Sapiens, a female egg cannot be released or fertilized if female hormones are suppressed or replaced with male hormones. In order for Biff and Trystan to become biologically pregnant, Trystan had to stop taking testosterone because only she, as a woman, can conceive and carry a child. If the “man” in this couple is pregnant, as these outlets report, he would be Biff, not Trystan.

But, Biff— and no man— can ever be pregnant. No male anatomy or reproductive organs include a womb, fallopian tubes, ovaries, or vagina. 

On their website, Trystan wrote that for her, being “trans-gender” meant,

“For me, just transitioning normally – taking testosterone so that I have a beard and my voice is deep as its ever gonna get – and appear like a man… that’s enough for me. I never felt that I needed to change my body.”

Change from what, exactly? The fact that she is a woman—not a man. Even Trystan acknowledges that she is not a man.

The order of the species cannot simply “change” or “transition” because one thinks it can.

Furthermore, is Biff really a gay man? He is married to–and having vaginal sex with– a woman, not a man.

Here’s the blatant truth: a woman who knows she is a woman but claims to be a man is either lying or is mentally ill. A man who claims to be a homosexual but is instead knowingly having vaginal sex with a woman, is also either lying or is mentally ill.

Any organization purporting this heterosexual couple as “transgender” or as two “gay men” only perpetuates harm to people who are very much in need of medical help.

The reasoning, “I think therefore I am,” does not change reality. It only evidences the faultiness of a person’s thinking, which must be corrected for their own, and society’s, benefit.

If a person thinks he/she is worthless and therefore must kill him/herself, should we then support suicide? If an 70-pound 30-year old woman thinks she is obese, when she is 50 pounds underweight and is experiencing heart failure, should medical doctors encourage her to take her feeding tube out?

If a man dresses and acts like is a dog, should people believe he is not human? Would the Daily Mirror and CNN tout anorexia as ‘incredible’? Or a teenager who walks her giraffe and insists it is real even though no one else can see it?

No scientist, biologist, or medical professional will ever affirm that a woman who thinks she is a man is actually a man—and is a man biologically capable of conceiving and giving birth to a child. To perpetuate falsehood only harms people in serious need of psychological, emotional, and mental help, and medical attention.

If such organizations continue to promote falsehood as fact, one has to question their motive– and ask why their sponsors and advertisers are funding programs that deliberately harm people.


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