Chinese Christian tells of harrowing escape from Communist government

Chinese Christian tells of harrowing escape from Communist government March 4, 2020

Qi Ming, a Chinese national, told the human rights organization Open Doors that the Chinese communist regime engaged in surveillance of him and church members, and often harassed them. When ministry leaders refused the government’s request to install surveillance cameras inside the sanctuary of his church, Chinese authorities raided their worship service, Open Doors reports.

“More than 100 were arrested,” Qi Ming told the organization.

“From church raids, to the arrests of pastors, to the restriction of Bibles, to the law that bans children from attending church—the patterns are evident,” Open Doors reports.

Ministry partners encouraged Qi Ming to flee China for his safety and the safety of his family. Reluctantly, Qi Ming agreed. His family left one early morning and made it to the airport.

“Any minute, I was prepared to be arrested,” Qi Ming said.

At the airport, Qi Ming prayed a prayer with his family at a McDonald’s, Open Doors reports: “God, maybe this is the last meal I will have with my family. So, if you take me, it is from your will. But if you protect me, I can see my kids grow up.”

By God’s mercy, he says, he and his family escaped just in time as authorities were trying to find them. Chinese authorities even texted him as he boarded the plane.

Qi Ming says, “If you really believe in Jesus, [persecution] must happen in your life. It made our faith more real.”

Qi Ming’s story represents just one of the more than 260 million Christians around the world who experience persecution for their faith, Open Doors reports.

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